Maternity Collection

Formal Designer Dresses for Pregnant Corporate Women

Looking for an extensive collection of maternity clothes? Kim & Dragana proudly brings you a fantastic collection of formal maternity dresses in Perth specially designed and meant for urban corporate women. We aim to empower the “would be mums” to express themselves and make a style statement in their respective workplaces even when they are pregnant.

A Stylish Range of Maternity Clothes

Carrying a child is undoubtedly one of the most pleasurable moments in a woman’s life, and we want them to feel more confident and stylish at that point. Our wide range of maternity clothes has the subtle yet designer touch that will perfectly go with the corporate fashion statement. Our collection of stylish maternity dresses in Sydney includes dresses, trousers, skirts, fitness wear and many more that will prove to be a great addition to your maternity wardrobe.

Comfort is our Prime Concern

Comfort is undoubtedly the most crucial factor for the expectant mothers. They look for something that can be easily worn without the need of bending down. On the other hand, they also need it to be perfectly fit so that they can flaunt their baby bump. Kim & Dragana offers maternity clothes that are made using superior quality stretchy fabrics that let the mums stay at ease.

Gift a Dress to your Loved One

The best part of picking a dress from our collection is you can wear it throughout your pregnancy period, whether you are in your trimester or a few days before that. So, if you have thought that it will be a complete waste of money to invest in maternity clothes, Kim & Dragana will not let you think so.

You can also buy the formal maternity wear as a gift for your friend, sister or daughter. The clothes can be considered as a perfect gift for wives by their husbands during the pregnancy phase.

Place an order today once you decide the right colour, design and size and look eccentric during your maternity phase.